The Future of Cannabis Investments

Canadian companies and investors have tremendous opportunities globally, given Canada’s current position as a change leader in the global industry.

Countries, companies, investors, public health officials, policy makers and cannabis consumers around the world have their eyes on Canada’s ground-breaking plan to legalize cannabis in 2018. This interest will be sustained over the coming year as increasingly popular edible products, derivatives and wellness treatments are approved for adult consumption in 2019.

Traditionally, British Columbia (BC) and Vancouver have been identified as global cannabis leaders and destinations of choice for consumers, advocates and entrepreneurs. From a network of small producers, compassion clubs and policy advocates to researchers and Canada’s original retail dispensary model, BC is consistently recognized as one of the world’s most legitimate sources of high quality cannabis and sector innovation.

Sustaining this reputation in Canada’s post-prohibition marketplace is not guaranteed. With legalization, all jurisdictions are on a level playing field. Other provinces are actively developing sector collaborations to foster growth, attract investment, create jobs and secure supply chairs. Grow Tech Labs proposes to bring technology and cannabis together, bridging two of BC’s most promising sectors.

Grow Tech Labs’ Cannabis Accelerator Program will help reaffirm BC’s traditional status as a global cannabis capital by attracting a new and diverse generation of sector leaders through world class programs rooted in innovation, entrepreneurship and mentorship.